A project dedicated to the portrayal of challenging intrapersonal experiences of moving through womanhood.

 'Stubborness' by Lauryn Hare 2017

'Stubborness' by Lauryn Hare 2017



Striving for Excellence is a concept-heavy, visual representation of complex and difficult emotions during a time in my own life. Unlike my educational background in Imagery-Sustained Healing, I wasn’t interested in turning the lens to myself literally, and instead reached out to my collaborative partner Madison. We both believe that the difficult aspects of womanhood, of being human, are visually valuable and thus worth portraying as artists.

I view the finished work as visual symbols of abstract ideas and emotions (such as: envy, anger, control, resentment, alienation, invisibility) whose discovery was heavily reliant on body language, facial expression, color symbolism and created in a collaborative setting. The work is also viewable simply as artful portraits of a universal woman, and some of her complexities.


This work was shot using natural light and color film.

Artist Bio:

Lauren Hare is a female photographer whose work is motivated by subconscious themes, emotion, humor, color, control and play.

An honors graduate from Marylhurst University in Oregon, Lauren designed an undergraduate degree ‘Imagery-Sustained Healing’ which examines the practical benefits of self-portrait photography as a means of expression, growth and radical acceptance.

Modeling and Collaborative Partner: Madison

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