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Self-Portraits in Yosemite



Here are some new photos from St. Paul Rodeo yesterday in St. Paul, Oregon. I had a blast shooting and meeting all these lovely people. And of course, I love the Americana setting.



This is a body of work spanning multiple portfolios, series and portraits. The commonality between these images are the quiet psychological elements that drew me into each scene; brought forth by my subjects, myself as director, the environment, and/or the viewer who witnesses and determines the story. I am interested in portraying a range of subjects and stories with no outlined script or answered questions. It is my hope that the images present each subject with honor, intrigue, dignity and depth and invite the viewer in to experience a story of their own making.



These are some portraits of women I met while in the UK spring 2018 (one including my great aunt of 94 years age!) which I submitted to the Portrait of Britain competition.