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‘Portraits of Strangers’ is a series I started in June of 2017 after purchasing a Rolleiflex waist-level view camera. I wanted to work with film and I sought a camera that would harness a sense of ease for photographing people I did not know.

Photographing people on the street is an experience unlike anything else I’ve done photographically. I feel I am no longer in control. It is a process of observation and engagement, which is not unlike my usual work. But, because I am not in control of the environment, and am merely anticipating my subjects as they come and go, I have come to understand that this work is grounded in spontaneity, intuition and community.

I find myself attracted and intrigued the most by people I assume I might not relate to. Whether this is true or not doesn’t matter and I will likely never know. This work has a mind of its own and I am following its lead. The root of this work is the feeling I have when I take the photo; I am celebrating this person, their life, in this moment. 


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