Lauren Hare is a film and natural-light based portrait photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Hare's work visually examines human psychology, form and color, and questions issues of sexism and ageism within the photography field itself. Hare shoots the bulk of her work with her 1955 Rolleiflex on color film. Her work is carefully manicured, and is highly motivated by subtle expression and body language. Lauren is an honors graduate from Marylhurst University in Marylhurst, Oregon. Her self-designed degree Imagery-Sustained Healing examined the practical benefits of self-portrait photography as a therapeutic practice and non-verbal based form of self-expression. Originally aiming for a career in psychotherapy, Lauren has worked with homeless women and troubled teens in Shelters and Psychiatric Schools through guided self-portraiture activities. More presently, Hare's focus has come to incorporate working with galleries and publishers as her work has been published internationally and exhibited nationally.  Lauren's work has been featured on SF Museum of Modern Art's websites, is a gold artist on Vogue Italia's  PhotoVogue, and in August of 2017, Hare was the Gold Artist in ArtAscent International Arts and Literature Journal. Hare has worked with hundreds of people across the US, Canada and Europe. Lauren also accepts commissioned work and can be reached HERE for projects, print sales or showcasing work in your gallery or publication.