Lauren in her daylight studio in Portland

Lauren in her daylight studio in Portland


Lauren Hare is a portrait photographer and working artist in Portland, Oregon. Hare is best known for her work with color, her medium and large format slide work, her fine art prints, her still life portrait series, and her See Her portrait series of women through the elder years.

Hare works with clients, galleries and publishers. Work from her Still Life Portrait series are currently on display at Blue Sky Gallery through April 2019. Hare’s series Striving for Excellence is in the current issue of She Shoots Film, she was a finalist for PhotoVogue Festival 2018, has been featured on SF Museum of Modern Art's websites, is a gold artist on Vogue Italia's PhotoVogue platform, and in August of 2017, Hare was the Gold Artist in ArtAscent International Arts and Literature Journal. 

All of Hare’s work is motivated by the nuances of human psychology, and a hefty amount of her photographic mind/soul works to create meaningful work addressing sexism and ageism in art and visual culture. Hare’s educational background was in psychology and is an honors graduate from Marylhurst University in Marylhurst, Oregon. Her self-designed degree Imagery-Sustained Healing examined the practical benefits of self-portrait photography as a therapeutic practice and non-verbal based form of self-expression.

Lauren is also an esteemed fine art printer and can be contacted for inquiries regarding prints.

Lauren offers complimentary consults for all interested clients, publishers, galleries and work assignments. She can be reached HERE