a photo essay by Lauryn Hare

Published on CURATED BY GIRLS: link


My newest work was completed in my home studio (LHP Studio) and is focused around natural-light portraiture using color, textures, fabric and props. I have always used natural light, and taken portraits. But the studio setting, color and props have been a fascinating new venture. More, I have begun featuring the utilitarian objects I depend on to help me create the portraits within the frame. It has become a natural tendency; before I would make sure everything besides my subject was not “imposing” itself in the boundaries of the frame. For example, the reflectors I use to bounce light on my subject, the tacks that hold up the crumpled lavender sheet to the wall, the wall itself, or the backdrop stand. It’s all a dignified and crucial part of my art-making process, and I like featuring it as such in the images. I like this way of quietly honoring both the process and the final image itself, simultaneously.