Lauren offers several opportunities to connect and work together; from booking portrait shoots to customized projects for a range of industries, to commissioned work for print, feature or assignment, acquisitions of limited edition archival prints, and image licensing. As of August 2019, Lauren offers a range of photography services: simple private shoots, still life commissions, group sessions, inclusion in her Still Life Portrait series, documentary and staged projects, and elaborate, custom-designed projects. Lauren always offers complimentary consultation(s) in order to best understand, customize and serve the highest quality of work to every collaborator. 

  • Lauren believes there is something interesting about every person and story she comes across. Her guiding philosophy in her work is: ‘Life is Art’, and she is constantly seeing life framed and unfolding before her eyes in this way-- quite like a film. It’s part of why she is an artist and why people hire her to portray them. Working with clients, Lauren finds that the portrait work usually takes a seat somewhere between biographical and fiction. It’s a process of collaboration, of bringing together the real and ordinary (the art) and basically framing it into something the world appreciates as art. 

  • Lauren’s portrait work is inspired by the kaleidoscope of human emotion, connection and personal experience; all compelling, honest and beautiful aspects of being alive and worth capturing in a timeless and art-based way.

  • Lauren’s work is never “photoshopped” and she does not advocate for air-brushing or body-shaming in her work. She has had to choose wisely the clientele she works with and is honored to work with people who do not require alterations to their appearance (such as bags, wrinkles, body fat etc…removal of small blemishes and small scars can be discussed prior).

  • Lauren appreciates and will never discriminate against work with people based on: race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or age. Lauren refuses to work with anyone who has a record of violence, or who discriminates against others based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or age.

  • Lauren accepts cash, PayPal, Venmo and Credit Cards. Payment plans are available.

  • Feel free to send an email with any and all questions and ideas.

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